The Future of SmartWorking

19th July 2018 Off

In 2018, people live in an increasingly congested, professionally overpopulated world but are experienced with the benefits of collaborating over the internet. Before learning and developing online was novel — now it is an accepted, largely accredited medium that we train with regularly. Now, online learning is inexorably part of the academic experience, whether you…

By Guest Blogger

SmartWorking – Introduction, Evolution & Future Predictions

17th July 2018 Off

In this three part series, guest writer Joe Roche, explores the rapidly evolving landscape of the modern workplace, past barriers to SmartWorking, steps taken and technologies that have been used to create a smart ecosystem for business and learning. He also outlines some of the benefits and solutions SmartWorking can offer companies in their never-ending…

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PRESS: Irish startup Abodoo scores additional 100k funding as careers platform expands

13th July 2018 Off

Huge thank you to the for covering our exciting announcement of further funding and investment and our joining the Enterprise Ireland HPSU Programme.. We’re so delighted! #GlobalAmbition. — A Wexford-based tech firm has been granted €100,000 in funding following its recent expansion into the UK market. Irish careers platform Abodoo, which promotes remote working, has…

By Louise O'Conor

Java Developers In Urgent Demand

13th July 2018 Off

Webster’s Dictionary defines Java Developers as… You know what? Webster’s Dictionary doesn’t have a definition for Java Developers. But don’t worry, we do. And one of our clients is in need of them. Java Developers specialise in writing a specific type of source code. They know the ins and outs of tech and they actually…

By Thomas Murray

From Theatre Life to SmartWorking | Nell Jerram

13th July 2018 Off

In this personal and humorous story, today’s special guest blogger Nell Jerram, describes her journey:  “From touring theatre performer to raising twins; how motherhood is the ultimate ‘working from home’ and how I’ve come to embrace SmartWorking.”  As a mother of young twins, I am often admired by other first-time parents who watch me cope…

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