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Java Developers In Urgent Demand

13th July 2018 Off

Webster’s Dictionary defines Java Developers as… You know what? Webster’s Dictionary doesn’t have a definition for Java Developers. But don’t worry, we do. And one of our clients is in need of them. Java Developers specialise in writing a specific type of source code. They know the ins and outs of tech and they actually…

By Thomas Murray

From Theatre Life to SmartWorking | Nell Jerram

13th July 2018 Off

In this personal and humorous story, today’s special guest blogger Nell Jerram, describes her journey:  “From touring theatre performer to raising twins; how motherhood is the ultimate ‘working from home’ and how I’ve come to embrace SmartWorking.”  As a mother of young twins, I am often admired by other first-time parents who watch me cope…

By Guest Blogger

Lose the Commute, Win at Work with SmartWorking

10th July 2018 Off

Commuting each day can pose a variety of threats to our personal and professional lives. Commuters, especially those who travel great distances for work, are more susceptible to stress, relationship problems and productivity issues. SmartWorking, on the other hand, has proven time and again to improve our quality of life both within and outside the…

By Thomas Murray

My Journey to SmartWorking | Ross Good

9th July 2018 Off

Today’s passionate guest blogger Ross Good, shares his personal journey to SmartWorking. The world is changing. Technology is changing. In fact, the world is being changed by technology. Mindsets are changing. The workplace is changing. Life is changing. In the grand scheme of things, smart working is a relatively newish concept. But not so new…

By Guest Blogger

7 Benefits of Working from Home | Jonathan deBurca Butler

6th July 2018 Off

Today’s guest blogger is Dublin-based media solutionist, journalist and remote worker, Jonathan deBurca Butler. Jonathan has been working from home for over two years and in that time he has learnt a lot about the dos and don’ts of remote working. Below, he gets straight to the point in sharing with us some of the benefits…

By Guest Blogger

Accounts Payable Freight Analysts with German Wanted

1st July 2018 Off

Sprechen sie Deutsch? A Galway business is on the lookout for gifted Accounts Payable Freight Analysts with German. This is an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in a rapidly growing e-commerce company where you can gain tons of finance skills and experience. As an analyst, you will be a key figure in the effective processing…

By Thomas Murray

Abodoo – Digital DNA

17th June 2018 Off

Delighted to announce that our CEO Sue Marshall, will be speaking at this year’s Digital DNA conference in Belfast! Definitely not one to be missed! WHO ARE DIGITAL DNA? Digital DNA was created by the very thing it promotes, collaboration. As a topic of discussion over drinks in a local Belfast bar, it became clear…

By Louise O'Conor

Recruitment Resourcer Wanted

16th June 2018 Off

Are you a social butterfly always introducing people and matchmaking? One of our clients in Belfast is seeking a gifted Recruitment Resourcer to join their HR department.   This SmartWorking position is perfect for anyone with these skills and experiences: -Recruitment -Recruitment advertising -Sourcing services -Stakeholder engagement   Salary: 20-35k depending on experience   Interested…

By Thomas Murray