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Insider Secrets: Why Are Senior Managers And Business Owners Choosing Flexible Workplace Strategies?

29th August 2018 Off

As part of a study of 18,000 professionals from a variety of industries, it was discovered that more than 80 percent of business leaders from the United Arab Emirates are opting for flexible workplaces. The UAE Study, as it is now being called, highlights the increasing trend of large enterprises choosing flexible workplace strategies over…

By Thomas Murray

Revealed: Top 10 Highest Paying Remote Jobs

23rd August 2018 Off

Since all you need is a laptop and internet connection to be a SmartWorker, it should come as no surprise that those in IT quickly became the kingpins of the SmartWorking transformation. But as more sectors begin to realise the advantages of working remotely, some interesting new reports have shown which remote positions are the most…

By Thomas Murray

Generation Rent vs Emerging Firms in Dublin’s Fair City: Our Solution

9th August 2018 Off

Dublin’s Generation Rent continues to suffer as a result of an abundance of emerging infrastucture. According to recent reports, we now have more office buildings than we do homes in our capital city. We are beginning to find ourselves with a generation of young adults who, because of high house prices, live in rented accommodation…

By Chloe Sullivan

Top Cities For Remote Working Revealed

8th August 2018 Off

In a study conducted by conference call telecommunications company Powwownow, factors such as cost of living, average monthly salary, internet speed, price of coffee, and cost of public transport were all considered when naming the top cities in the world for remote working. Each city was scored for their performance on these factors and ranked…

By Thomas Murray

Boom Brexit: Maintain Cross-Border Jobs by Letting Your Employees SmartWork From Home

1st August 2018 Off

In recent months, there has been uncertainty about the future of cross border jobs post Brexit. What are the ramifications for UK companies currently providing employment in Ireland? Will there be a surge of unemployment in cross border jobs?   In early July, Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe reported that unemployment levels could rise by 2%…

By Chloe Sullivan

National Broadband Plan Faces New Challenges

31st July 2018 Off

With the news that the energy infrastructure consortium SSE has dropped out of the bid for Ireland’s National Broadband Plan, the fate of the scheme seems to be very much up in the air. The sole remaining contender is Enet, a company described by an Irish Times industry source as an “expert network operator but…

By Thomas Murray